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Surfers take poverty on board


ABOUT 75 surfers are expected to paddle their boards from Stanwell Park to North Wollongong tomorrow morning in the 12th annual Christian Surfers Paddle Against Poverty.

Organiser Aaron Hughes said northerly winds were predicted for Saturday so the 15km paddle would most likely start at the Stanwell Park Surf Club.

He said more than $10,000 was raised last year and this was donated to the Japanese earthquake relief appeal.

This year the money will be given to poor surfing communities in Indonesia.

“We like to give back to the surfing communities as that’s what we’re about,” said Mr Hughes.

North Wollongong Christian Surfers also donates the funds to Compassion Australia to educate children in Rwanda, the Philippines, Indonesia and Kenya.

Participants in the paddle are expected to raise a minimum of $100 as part of their involvement.

The three to four-hour paddle starts at 7am. For more information and to register, contact Mr Hughes on 0403 672 452, email aaron@christiansurfers.net or visit http://paddleagainstpoverty.org


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