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Snapper marvels at 'God's breathtaking artwork'


Stunning: Coledale headland at sunset.


BRAD Chilby’s first love is bushwalking which takes him to the bottom of waterfalls, the peaks of snow-capped mountains and all crevices and canyons in between.

The Corrimal resident started photographing his adventures with a basic camera before moving on to quality equipment 18 months ago, giving his photos a professional edge.

The 29-year-old soon realised the photos were as important as the journey and began planning his walks with the money shot in mind. Dawn and sunset are best for coastal pictures while the extremes of his climbs make many wonder how he could have possibly captured such an angle.

“We climb free-hand,” Mr Chilby said of his adventures with a friend and cousin. “We look for out-of-the-way spots.”

He was introduced to the joys of bushwalking by an elderly neighbour who took the then 10-year-old to the top of Broker’s Nose. “We made a cubby house and explored further – to the Wodi Wodi track,” he said.

The Illawarra Escarpment holds a special place in Mr Chilby’s heart but he is also fond of Tasmania, particularly the western conservation area.

There is no better feeling than experiencing nature first-hand in a far away wilderness few have ventured to,” he said. “It is peaceful and serene and the closest thing to heaven on earth.

“I love the excitement, passion and drive I feel when exploring new places and discovering landscapes seemingly lost in time. From behind my camera, I simply bring photographs of God’s breathtaking artwork in its purest and untouched state."

Mr Chilby, who works as a sales rep but dreams of becoming a full-time photographer, is self taught and recently upgraded to a Nikkon D7000.

“The long exposure allows me to create all sorts of misty, hazy effects,” he said.

And while being a professional photographer is Mr Chilby’s “dream job”, his photography business is more about appreciating nature than making money.

“I hope the photographs I take create an awareness of nature’s beauty and the need to take precious care of our natural assets,” he said. “We need to preserve them for now and for long after we are gone.”

For information or to purchase a print, visit www.chilbyphotography.com.au, search on Facebook or phone 0425 308 433. Prints, including framed, canvas and metal, range from $55 for an 8x12 framed to $250 for a 20x30.


Adventurous: Brad Chilby will go almost anywhere for a great shot.

Posted via email from Northern Exposure


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