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Police target bus parking



 By Sergeant Lawrie Drury, Sector Supervisor, Helensburgh Police Station

A NUMBER of complaints have been received relating to motorists parking on the roundabout and in the vicinity of the bus terminal waiting to collect commuters. This poses significant traffic problems for the buses who have difficulting turning around the roundabout when people are parked there and refuse to move.
Please be mindful of this situation and avoid blocking the route as it is also an offence to park on the roundabout. Police will be paying particular attention to this problem over the next few weeks. 
Helensburgh Police have also been made aware of several near misses on the pedestrian crossing in front of BiLo where vehicles have almost collided with pedestrians.
If this has happened to you, please advise us on 4294 1013. Statistics will be compiled and the relevant authorities approached in an attempt to make that area safer. 
If the phone is diverted to Wollongong Police Station, please leave details for Sgt Drury.
Several break, enter and steal offences have been committed in Helensburgh and Stanwell Tops in the past month where the offender/s have entered the premises at night through unlocked doors and windows while the occupants are asleep.  

 Targetted property usually includes personal items such as wallets, bags and laptops. 

 Doors, including security doors and windows, should always be locked particularly as the summer months approach despite the tendency to leave them open to keep cool.



Posted via email from Northern Exposure


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