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Police chopper snaps power poles



By Sergeant Lawrie Drury, Sector Supervisor, Helensburgh Police Station

POLICE have received many phone calls from the public about the helicopter that has been hovering over Helensburgh.

We have been advised that the helicopter is being used by Endeavour Energy and the Rural Fire Service to survey/inspect the electricity network in bushfire-prone areas. The camera set-up is such that the helicopter has to hover and the photographic equipment does the rest.

This project is being done for the NSW Government and is going to continue for a few weeks. If you wish to raise any issues with Endeavour Energy, phone the complaints line on 13 10 81.

Over the past month, two motor vehicles have been stolen from the Helensburgh area which is a crime that has been on the decrease for some time.  

There does not appear to be any pattern or specific vehicle stolen but perhaps a timely reminder to reduce the opportunity for thieves by always securing your car.  

Helensburgh Police have received a complaint about a coal truck driver who drove in a manner that was dangerous to experienced bike riders. Coal truck drivers in general are responsible people who are mindful of driving through town.

Police have a close working liaison with Helensburgh Mine and any driving complaints are taken seriously and dealt with expeditiously.


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