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Coledale Twilight Markets

Coledale Markets has been a terrific success story in the Northern Illawarra, curating a wonderful selection of clothing, homewares, vintage delights, knickknacks, plants, food and entertainment on the fourth Sunday of each month at Coledale Public School. In December of each year, there is a special twilight market from 2 to 8pm, which this year falls on Sunday 22nd.

"Coledale Markets has grown in a really wonderful and organic way, starting from a tiny market, to now be totally embraced by the community - it's gone from strength to strength." said Lara Seresin, coordinator of the monthly event.

"When we arrived in the neighbourhood, there really wasn't a lot of market action going on - we could see the potential was there, particularly living in Coledale with that creative community that's around. We thought let's give it a go, we can help the school and the community."

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Medicare seeks Local voice

As part of their community consultation process, Medicare Locals will be in Helensburgh so you can have your say about Health Planning. They will be conducting a survey for the general community through which the community gets an opportunity to voice their health concerns and express their opinions regarding aspects of their health service access and availability.

Findings from the survey will be used to enable the planning and implementation of timely, appropriate and effective primary health care services within the ISML catchment. 

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Do The Right Thing this Christmas

As the Northern Illawarra region gets set to spend up to $100 on average per household on extra food and drink this Christmas, The National Packaging Covenant Industry Association (NPCIA) is warning residents not to let their good recycling habits slip over the festive period.

Australians spent around $913 million on extra food at Christmas last year and with consumer confidence now at a three year high, it is expected that Northern Illawarra residents will be buying, eating and drinking more than ever this year.

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2014 Bushwalking Program

The Helensburgh Uniting Church continues it's seven year tradition of guided bushwalks through our amazing coastal regions, kicking off again in Febraury 2014.

"Helensburgh does have a great variety of tracks around the place, and what we've tried this year is to give a great example of the variety of different walks that we have available both locally and not that far away." said Steve Wright, coordinator.

"This year we've got some old favourites, like the Wadi Wadi track which is a very tight track because it hasn't been maintained only is very beautiful."

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Stanwell Park Anglican Church - 100 Not Out!

February marks the 100th anniversary of Stanwell Park Anglican Church.

Standing in Stanwell Ave Stanwell Park the church will celebrate its centenary with a thanksgiving service on Sunday February 16th at 2pm. Senior Minister of Helensburgh and Stanwell Park Anglican Church Rev Steve Carlisle said everyone in the community was welcome to attend the service where the congregation would give thanks for the work of Jesus through the church and its members over many years.

“We are greatly blessed to have a space in this community where we have experienced God’s goodness for nearly 100 years.” Rev Carlisle said. “We meet together weekly at 8:15am at Stanwell Park in the new chapel building behind the historic church, but the now church hall stands as a reminder of all who have passionately followed Jesus for many years and who stand as pillars of the Christian community in Stanwell Park.

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Whitesides dominate Coal Cliff Ocean Swim

The Coal Cliff Beach to Bombie Swim attracts visitors to the area as one of our annual ocean swims, there is also the favourite of locals who are immersed in beach culture who also love to stay fit.

This year it was a family affair with first male Dane Whiteside, first female Mel Whiteside, plus 3rd place to Matthew Logan closely followed by his sister Amy and Dad Andrew.

"We went pretty good -  I think I got second across the line and my son got first," said Mel Whiteside. "We do quite a few ocean swims during summer and also compete for Helensburgh-Stanwell Park Surf Club as well. This year in May, be doing the Port Macquarie Ironman, along with Nathan Johnson from Helensburgh."

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Put a twist into your Christmas

The Northern Illawarra attracts a new community every Christmas season, that is, visitors that come and stay to enjoy the Sea Cliff Coast lifestyle. While switching off from their working routine, there is an opportunity for them to discover alternative recreation such as yoga, despite their sedentary holiday mode.

"I've got a good base of people that come along who are pretty loyal, and the Moore Street Yoga Room is a great place to teach in... we started in that space before it was refurbished - now it's all plush." said Johnny Batchelor.

"I've had holiday yoga going for some years now and it's a thing that I do from Boxing Day for about three weeks and it's every morning at 9:30 - so people know it's there and they can turn up as they please. Over the years this has also built up to include people that are here to visit their families over Christmas. So there are people that turn up almost every year, and I see them for three weeks, as well as the people that just turn up because they see that there is some yoga on."

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Soul Bird Lounge takes flight

Lana Patrin is one of the unsung heroes of the music scene in Wollongong, involved with many events that have fostered our blossoming arts culture - on Sunday 15th December she continues her "Soul Bird Lounge" sessions, with Bex Chilcott (Ruby Boots) and local fav, Kay Proudlove.

"I really want my own venue, that's been a dream of mine for a very long time, but I've got a really good backyard, you know, just chuck some couches out, some mats and cushions - it's really nice." said Lana.

"I'm kind of picky with who I have -  I'm a big fan of music and that's why I got into it because there's just so much talent out there. That's why I started at The Bowlo (Scarborough Wombarra Bowling Club), just to get bands to come and play - it was a bit of a selfish thing... these people are coming to play for me...  yeah,  I'll put it on."

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Securing Our Future

Feedback from Wollongong City Council's "Securing Our Future" campaign has been used to develop a new set of options - the Northern Illawarra community is now invited to provide feedback on these updated choices. You can have your say HERE, or by sending an email, or writing a letter to Council addressed to the General Manager, Locked Bag 8821, Wollongong DC NSW 2500.

All feedback must be received by Council by 5pm on Wednesday 5 February 2014.

"We as a Council and a community are facing a significant challenge to fund our community infrastructure into the future." said Diane Saunderson, Community Engagement Officer, "If we don’t, we will lose services as assets reach their end of life and fail. Only, we won’t get to pick what or when. We’re not the only ones working on this challenge: many of NSW’s 152 Councils are faced with the same issue of making sure there is enough money for infrastructure renewal."

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