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Father of Flight enjoys the wind in his heirs

Two descendants of Lawrence Hargrave, Stanwell Park’s own famous aviation pioneer, flew side by side last Saturday, 16th November, from the hang gliding launch site at Stanwell Tops.

On 12th November, 1894, Lawrence Hargrave successfully lifted himself five metres into the air using his own invention, the double curved wing Box Kite – the first time any person had been lifted off the ground by a heavier than air machine.

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Jodi brings Glamma to the Coast

The Northern Illawarra has its share of celebrities from different industries, and of course being the creative community that we are, our coast is home to some fine musical talent. One such accomplished talent is Jodi Phillis from 90's indie rock icons The Clouds, but more recently Roger Loves Betty (duo) and The Glamma Rays (a vocal quartet), as well as her own solo projects.

"I started Glamma Rays and invited these wonderful, talented friends of mine to sing with me the." said Jodi. "I arrange all the harmonies and write most of the songs although the other girls have written some brilliant songs as well - it's great fun, we all love it."

The Glamma Rays will be supporting The Dames at Heritage Hotel on Saturday 14th December.

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Lionel delivers hope to Lions

Hope Church 2508 has taken a proactive approach to serving the local community, providing direct support through powerful projects like the Food Pantry, which assists low income families to put food on the table, for whatever reason. They also step up to address issues in our community that have a tangible benefit to our way of life, such as the Lions Club Community Sign at the top of parkes Street in Helensburgh.

"There was a wooden sign that had the word Helensburgh on it, and it had rotted and decayed away, so we took down that old sign and mounted it on some aluminium so that we won't have those problems again." said Lionel.

"We've had a great year, and we've seen a lot of new people joining our church, so we've almost tripled in size and now outgrown our current building."

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Writers unite over common plight

Many families understand the difficulty of juggling their personal lives with a business under one roof - as the age of commuting to work diminishes in favour of sophisticated online villages, a new dynamic has emerged which challenges couples to manage their time and expectations effectively.

Wollongong Art Gallery is hosting two accomplished writers from Wombarra on Sunday 24th November from 1:30 to 3:30pm as part of the event, In [Two] Writing.

"We are going to be doing something we've never done before, we're going to be appearing as a couple." said Caroline Baum, editorial director of Booktopia, Australia's largest online bookseller. "David often talks and does Q&As after films and I do a lot of interviews with writers but I have never appeared on stage with my husband and been interviewed by someone else."

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Arts at the Chapel

The Bushland Chapel at Helensburgh continues to evolve as a resource for the arts in the 2508 area,  with the next instalment of 'Arts at The Chapel' on the 6th and 7th December from 8pm, delivering two great nights of entertainment.

"It's a studio space and a chapel and the triple billing in this case is a good use of that space." said chairperson of the Chapel and artistic director of Playscript, Geoffrey Sykes. "We're starting with a dance programme which is around 25 to 30 minutes, called Homage to Place with Lisa McDonnell and Darren Braun."

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Our House is Not in Paris

Susan Cutsforth, award-winning Teacher- Librarian at Corrimal High School, has excelled herself with the print release of her memoir, Our House is Not in Paris. Her story of the trials, tribulations and rewarding times renovating an ancient farm house in France, was released as a digital e-book last year. It was so positively reviewed on Amazon that Melbourne Books decided to go to print.

Coupled with this success, Susan was also offered a two-book deal for the next instalments in her “Our House” series. The second memoir, Our House is Certainly Not in Paris will be published as an e-book this November. The last in the series, Our House is Definitely Not in Paris, will be published in December 2014.

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Surfwatch with Anthony

Saturday 2/3ft E/NE swell, winds light from the S/W early turning onshore from the E/NE later in the morning.

Overnight decrease in E/NE swell to around 1/2ft with onshore winds from the S/E making surface conditions below average along the coal coast .

Best spots;
Stanwell, Sharkeys, Coledale, Austi

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Coalcliff rallies to secure community assets

An urgent meeting has been called by the Coalcliff Community Association Inc (CCCA) to raise awareness of the findings of the Wollongong City Council Panel on Financial Sustainability which potentially affects various well known assets such as the Coalcliff Ocean Pool, Community Hall and Lifeguard patrol hours.

"Pat (President of the CCCA) is very concerned because he is fearing the worst from the outcome from this citizens group that has been held by a consultant, with their ideas put to council,  about massive cuts to council services in our area." said past President, Damien Lloyd, "This would take away the fibre of what living here is all about."

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Help Nick pull up his Strides

Reggae lovers are being called upon to unite around a campaign to support the release of a new album from popular local exponents of the Rasta groove, The Strides.

"We are in the final week of the campaign, and basically we are asking people to support the project before it's finished." said Nick Garbett, Otford local and trumpet player for the Strides, "We've got all the music recorded, so I think there's around 12 tracks - we've released to and we got another 10 to finish, which is basically mixing, mastering, pressing and artwork. If you support the project and then you get a copy of the album when it's finished, plus whole range of other benefits depending upon the amount contributed."

The countdown is on! Only 7 days to go on the pozible campaign for the new album from The Strides.

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