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Homeless man suspect in church B&E



By Sergeant Lawrie Drury

Sector Supervisor, Helensburgh Police Station

BREAK, enter and steal offences have recently been committed at both the Anglican and Holy Cross Catholic churches during the night.

A person of interest was seen loitering in the area and he is described as male, Caucasian, 35-40 years old, 175-180cm tall, slim build, long red hair and ginger beard. He is unkempt in appearance and Police believe he is not from this area but possibly homeless.

Another issue of concern is the responsibilities of dog owners in off-leash areas. Proud Park near the Helensburgh Tip is a designated off-leash area in Helensburgh. The person in charge of any dog within this area must:

1. Be a competent person 16 years of age and over.

2. Be able to control the dog by voice command or other means.

3. Carry a suitable bag and dispose of dog faeces in appropriate recepticles.

4. Not allow restricted breeds or dogs declared as dangerous to use this off-leash area. 

5. Not allow dogs suffering from contagious disease, skin irritations or parasitic infection to use this area.

The owner of a dog is legally responsible if the dog attacks a person or animal and Wollongong Council should be contacted if an attack occurs in a public place, including off-leash areas.  Any dog can be declared as dangerous if it has without provocation attacked a person or animal.

All areas are randomly patrolled by Council Rangers and penalities for offences apply, ranging from $165 to $1760.


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